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Cybernetic Organisms

8 Sexy Cyborg 3D Models to Download

Cyborgs are fascinating: half living organism half machine. As 3D models they can also be really sexy. Here is a small selection of particularly interesting hybrids, which are available for download.

System 2046

3d-modell daz3d cyborg system 2046 3d model

Source: Daz3D, daveyabbo

Awesome! May we introduce System 2046: Part human, part cyborg. With hundreds of paint job and suit options this sexy cyborg can be fully customized.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: daveyabbo. Price: $29.95

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Shanghai Style

3d-modell shanghai style

Source: Daz3D, Canary3d

This sexy cyborg is equipped with an outfit in Shanghai style, which comes in four different variations including matching shoes.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Canary3d. Price: $19.95

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Sailor Look

3d-modell matrosen look

Source: Daz3D, Luthbellina

This set consists of several clothing details as well as a robot arm in two different designs.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Luthbellina. Price: $24.95

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Future Cop

3d-modell future cop

Source: Daz3D, 3D Universe Bobbie25

What about these hot Future Cops? They are equipped with boots, tight pants, a top, helmet and gun.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: 3D Universe Bobbie25

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Perfect Glamour

3d-modell open front dress

Source: Daz3D, Sarsa

A little bit glam and glimmer, please! How about this sexy cyborg dress with a very special neckline and lace border?

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Sarsa. Price: $6.95

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Cyber Venus

3d-modell cyber venus

Source: Daz3D, Pixeluna

For this pretty cyborg there are five different face variants, eight eye colors, four eyelash variants as well as six eye shadow and lipstick tones each available. Her body is covered with cyborg skin, which can be either shiny or matt, and her outfit is a two-layer body.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Pixeluna. Price: $21.95

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Black Beauty

3d-modell pix onyx

Source: Daz3D, Pixeluna

This versatile lady can also be provided with cyborg skin. A total of five different faces are available.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Pixeluna. Price: 16,95 €

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Machina Fatale

3d-modell iray machina

Source: Daz3D, GKDantas

Cool can also be sexy. This cyborg proves it!

Found on Daz3D, Artist: GKDantas, Price: 14,95$

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