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10 Impressive Science Fiction 3D Models to Download

These selected science fiction 3D models offer a change from everyday life and invite you to virtual adventures. They are downloadable and can usually be modified in material and color to create your own scenarios.

System 46

3d-modell system 46 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, daveyabbo

System 46 is half human half android. The model comes with a wide range of materials and colors, including various finishes, such as used look.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: daveyabbo. Price 24,95$

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Surgery Room

3d-modell operationssaal 3d-model surgery room

Source: Daz3D, Ansiko

This futuristic surgery room consists of three fully movable mechanical arms with different removable devices, such as a scanner or a laser, as well as other exciting accessories.

Found on Daz3D, Artist Ansiko. Price: $26.95

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Queen of the Deep

3d-modell queen of the deep 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, Sixus1 Media

What a cool, detailed design of this Queen of the Deep that combines horror and fantasy. Featuring tentacles, seaweed and other ocean-inspired features, it comes in ten different poses.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Sixus1 Media. Price: $21.95

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Galactic Motorcycle

3d-modell motorrad 3d-model motorcycle

Source: Daz3D, Artist: Charlie

This Sci-Fi motorcycle comes in a set with helmet, mini weapons, movable handlebar and rotating wheels.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Charlie. Price: $24.95

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3d-modell alien 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, retrodevil

Sciene fiction without aliens? Unthinkable! You can change the skin and eye color of this 3D model as you like and make it glow.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: retrodevil. Price: $17.95

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Astraios Ranger

3d-modell astraios ranger 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, midnight_stories

The Astraios Rangers come in a double pack, the package can be adapted to the female and male version and you can choose between eight color combinations.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: midnight_stories. Price: $16.95

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3d-modell kampfoutfit 3d-model battlesuit

Source: Daz3D, Arien Mada

Yeah, in the sci-fi world, you can even look sexy at war. At the latest this 3D model proves it. It consists of a complete jump suit including shoes.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Arien Mada. Price: $18.95

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Sky Surfers

3d-modell sky surfer 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, Nightshift3D

With the Sky Surfers you can jet through the air. They are each equipped with six movable parts and you can choose between nine materials.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Nightshift3D. Price: $15.95

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Wings of Horus

3d-modell flügel 3d-model wings

Source: Daz3D, midnight_stories

Here is an ingenious wing set that fits figures with a chest. It is mobile and six different materials are available.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: midnight_stories. Price: $21.95

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Virtual Reality Helmet

3d-modell vr helm 3d-model virtual reality helmet

Source: Daz3D, TheAntFarm

Virtual reality in virtual reality. With this VR helmet you can expand your sci-fi adventures!

Found on Daz3D, Artist: TheAntFarm. Price: $12.95

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