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7 Extra-Strong 3D Superheroes on Daz3D

No good, no evil, and vice versa. Of course, to keep your sci-fi world in order, you need superheroes who are committed to justice. Here come the best 3D characters that can defeat all monsters and villains.


3d-modell daz3d justiciar 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, Design Anvil

In the not too distant future, justice is a word that has lost all meaning. For most of us it is life on the streets and gangs, criminals and warriors are the masters of all big cities. But there is still hope for justice, because the so-called Justiciar Men, equipped with highly developed armor and armament, stand up for the innocent and bring order back to the streets.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Design Anvil. Price: 18.95$

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Solar Vagabond

3d-modell daz3d solar vagabond 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, JoeQuick

With the rusty-sandy touch of this armor, your superhero will look even bolder and daring!

Found on Daz3D, Artist: JoeQuick. Price: 13.17$

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Shadow Woman

3d-modell daz3d shadow outfit 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, Mada Sarsa

Hot! With this sexy heroine you can even adjust the breast size and shape to your taste!

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Mada Sarsa. Price: 10.17$

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Lord of the Streets

3d-modell daz3d street master chi 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, JoeQuick

This 3D model, inspired by the Chinese martial art Qi, consists of a jumpsuit with natural-looking fabric pleats, a mask, hair and sneakers.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: JoeQuick. Price: 10.77 €

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All America Heroine

3d-modell daz3d all american heroine 3d-model

Source: Daz3D, ImagineX

This body suit is functional, but also makes your heroine look really sexy! The package includes the headgear, the mask, the suit, the gloves, the boots and the shield.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: ImagineX. Price: $17.95

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Force Fields

3d-modell daz3d kraftfeld force shield 3d model

Source: Daz3D, Valandar

If your heroine gets into particularly big trouble, you can equip her with this force field! There are 7 different versions and 5 different colors for it.

Found on Daz3D, Artist: Valandar. Price: 4.95$

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3d-modell daz3d guardian 3d model

Source: Daz3D, RawArt

With this detailed jumpsuit, your superhero is prepared for even the most blazing flames!

Found on Daz3D, Artist: RawArt. Price: 11.37$

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