Overview 3D Printers

Our 3D Printer Database contains the most important desktop and industrial 3D printers currently available. The tabular overview shows key data such as model, manufacturer, installation space and price; in addition, sorting according to 3D printing processes and technologies is possible.

ImageModell ReduxManufacturerTypePrinting VolumeHeatDualReleasePriceSaleRatingShop
3d-drucker zortrax m300Zortrax M300ZortraxFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 30cm-10/163800€  
3d-drucker zortrax m 200Zortrax M200ZortraxFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-02/152007€  
3d-drucker zortrax inventureZortrax InventureZortraxFDM/FFF13,5 x 13,5 x 13cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker zmorph vxZMorph VXZMorphFDM/FFF25 x 23,5 x 16,5cm-08/16500€  
3d-drucker zmorph 2.0 sxZMorph 2.0 SXZMorphFDM/FFF25 x 23,5 x 16,5cm08/16500€  
3d-drucker aio robotics zeusZEUSAIO RoboticsFDM/FFF15,24 x 20,32 x 37,08cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker xact metal xm200sXM200SXact MetalSLM--04/18€  
3d-drucker bq witbox goWitbox Go!BQFDM/FFF14 x 14 x 14cm--03/17669€  
3d-drucker wiiboox twoWiiboox TwoWiibooxFDM/FFF 30 x 26 x 26cm-01/18€  
3d-drucker wiiboox one proWiiboox One ProWiibooxFDM/FFF25 x 20 x 20cm01/18€  
3d-drucker wiiboox one miniWiiboox One MiniWiibooxFDM/FFF20 x 15 x 15cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker wiiboox oneWiiboox OneWiibooxFDM/FFF25 x 20 x 20cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker wiiboox hugeWiiboox HugeWiibooxFDM/FFF120 x 120 x 120cm--01/18€  
3d-drucker wiiboox company proWiiboox Company ProWiibooxFDM/FFF26 x 21 x 20cm01/18€  
3d-drucker wiiboox company 2Wiiboox Company 2WiibooxFDM/FFF30 x 27 x 28cm01/18€  
3d-drucker wiiboox companyWiiboox CompanyWiibooxFDM/FFF26 x 21 x 20cm-01/18€  
3d-drucker wanhao duplicator plusWanhao Duplicator 7 PlusWanhaoDLP12 x 6,8 x 18cm--03/18699€  
3d-drucker wanhao duplicator 7Wanhao Duplicator 7WanhaoDLP12 x 6,8 x 18cm--01/18265€  
3d-drucker velleman vertex k8600Vertex Nano K8600VellemanFDM/FFF 8 x 8 x 7,5cm-12/16219€  
3d-drucker velleman vertex k8400Vertex K8400VellemanFDM/FFF18 x 20 x 19cm-12/14538€  
3d-drucker velleman vertex deltaVertex Delta K8800VellemanFDM/FFF20 x 22,5 cm-01/181181€  
3d-drucker bego varseo sVarseo SBEGODLP11 x 6,5 x 8,5cm--03/17€  
3d-drucker tiertime up plus 2UP Plus 2TiertimeFDM/FFF 14 x 14 x 13,5cm-02/14948€  
3d-drucker tiertime up mini 2 esUP Mini 2 ESTiertimeFDM/FFF-04/18€  
3d-drucker tiertime up mini 2UP mini 2TiertimeFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-05/16707€  
3d-drucker tiertime up miniUP miniTiertimeFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-11/16€  
3d-drucker tiertime up box plusUP BOX+TiertimeFDM/FFF 25,5 x 20,5 x 20,5cm-06/172195€  
3d-drucker tiertime up boxUP BoxTiertimeFDM/FFF25,5 x 20,5 x 20,5cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker tiertime up 300UP 300TiertimeFDM/FFF 20,5 x 25,5 x 22,5cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker monoprice maker ultimateUltimate makerMonopriceFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 17,5cm-03/17513€  
3d-drucker ultimaker s5Ultimaker S5UltimakerFDM/FFF33 x 24 x 30cm04/18€  
3d-drucker ultimaker original plusUltimaker Original+UltimakerFDM/FFF21 x 21 x 20,5cm-06/151637€  
3d-drucker ultimaker 3 extendedUltimaker 3 ExtendedUltimakerFDM/FFF21,5 x 21,5 x 30cm10/164470€  
3d-drucker ultimaker 3Ultimaker 3UltimakerFDM/FFF21,5 x 21,5 x 20cm12/172435€  
3d-drucker ultimaker 2 plusUltimaker 2+UltimakerFDM/FFF22,3 x 22,3 x 20,5 cm-02/163222€  
3d-drucker ultimaker 2 goUltimaker 2 GoUltimakerFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 11,5cm--06/15660€  
3d-drucker tractus 3d t850T 850Tractus 3DFDM/FFF28 x 34,5cm-11/17€  
3d-drucker tractus 3d t 650T 650Tractus 3DFDM/FFF17 x 28,5cm-11/17€  
3d-drucker tractus3d t 3000T 3000Tractus 3DFDM/FFF100 x 145cm11/17€  
3d-drucker tractus3d t1250T 1250Tractus 3DFDM/FFF36 x 60,5 cm-11/17€  
3d-drucker stratasys uprint seStratasys uPrint SEStratasysFDM/FFF20,3 x 15,2 x 15,2cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker stratasys objet30Stratasys Objet30StratasysHSS 29,4 x 19,2 x 14,8cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker stratasys mojoStratasys MojoStratasysFDM/FFF12,7 x 12,7 x 12,7cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker stratasys j750Stratasys J750StratasysHSS49 × 39 × 20cm--04/16€  
3d-drucker stratasys J735Stratasys J735StratasysHSS35 x 35 x 20cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker imakr starttStarttimakrFDM/FFF12 x 14 x13cm--07/18€  
3d-drucker black and decker stanley model 1Stanley Model 1Stanley Black and DeckerFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18,5cm-04/17€  
3d-drucker sparkmaker 3d-printerSparkMaker FHDSparkMakerSLA10,2 x 5,6 x 12,5cm--11/17€  
3d-drucker robot factory sliding 3dSliding 3DRobotFactoryFDM/FFF41 x 38 x ∞cm-07/18€  
3d-drucker sinterit lisa 2Sinterit Lisa 2SinteritSLS11 x 16 x 25cm-05/18€  
3d-drucker sinterit lisa 1Sinterit LisaSinteritSLS9 x 11 x 13cm-11/15€  
3d-drucker bcn3d sigmaxSigmaXBCN3DFDM/FFF42 x 29,7 x 21cm11/17€  
3d-drucker sharebot xxl plusSharebot XXL PlusSharebotFDM/FFF70,5 x 25 x 20cm-04/1616382€  
3d-drucker sharebot snowwhiteSharebot SnowWhiteSharebotSLS10 x 10 x 13cm--11/17€  
3d-drucker sharebot roverSharebot RoverSharebotSLA6,2 x 11,5 x 10cm--05/18€  
3d-drucker sharebot ngSharebot NGSharebotFDM/FFF25 x 20 x 20cm-11/141932€  
3d-drucker sharebot kiwiSharebot Kiwi 3DSharebotFDM/FFF14 x 10 x 10cm--03/15646€  
3d-drucker sharebot 42Sharebot 42SharebotFDM/FFF25 x 22 x 20cm-06/172232€  
3d-drucker sculpto plusSculpto+SculptoFDM/FFFØ 20 x 16cm--09/17342€  
3d-drucker roboze oneRoboze OneRobozeFDM/FFF28 x 22 x 20cm-02/17€  
3d-drucker robo3d robo 2Robo R2 High-Performance SmartRobo 3DFDM/FFF20,32 x 20,32 x 25,4cm-07/171598€  
3d-drucker robo 3d r1 plusRobo R1 +PlusRobo 3DFDM/FFF25,4 x 22,9 x 20,3cm-11/15369€  
3d-drucker robo3d c2 compact smartRobo C2 Compact SmartRobo 3DFDM/FFF12,7 x 12,7 x 15,24cm--07/17779€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicator miniReplicator MiniMakerBotFDM/FFF10 x 10 x 12,5 cm--10/14845€  
Renkforce RF500RenkforceFDM/FFF21 x 13,5 x 17cm--02/17699€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf2000 v2Renkforce RF2000v2RenkforceFDM/FFF17 x 29 x 18,5cm05/18€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf2000 bausatz v2Renkforce RF2000 v2 kitRenkforceFDM/FFF18 x 20 x 23cm05/18€  
Renkforce RF2000 KitRenkforceFDM/FFF18 x 20 x 23 cm09/162807€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf 2000Renkforce RF2000RenkforceFDM/FFF18 x 20 x 23cm09/162299€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf1000Renkforce RF1000 KitRenkforceFDM/FFF23 x 24,5 x 20cm-02/15€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf1000Renkforce RF1000RenkforceFDM/FFF24,5 x 20 x 23 cm-02/153639€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf 100Renkforce RF100ConradFDM/FFF10 x 10 x 10cm--12/16337€  
3d-drucker renkforce rf 500Renkforce RF 500RenkforceFDM/FFF21 x 13,5 x 17cm-04/17999€  
3d-drucker qidi technology x proQidi X-proQidi TechnologyFDM/FFF23 x 15 x 15cm12/17249€  
3d-drucker qidi technology x one 2Qidi X-one 2Qidi TechnologyFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm-04/18329€  
3d-drucker qidi tech IQidi Tech IQidi TechnologyFDM/FFF23 x 15 x 15cm10/16€  
3d-drucker german reprap protos v3
PRotos v3 Kit
FDM/FFF20,5 x 21 x 14cm-350€  
3d-drucker m3d promegaPromegaM3DFDM/FFF38,86 x 38,86 x 38,86cm05/18€  
3d-drucker prodways promaker ld3ProMaker LD3ProdwaysDLP6,4 x 12 x 13cm--€  
3d-drucker 3d-systems projet 1200ProJet 12003D SystemsSLA4,29 x 14,99 x 2,69cm--04/154077€  
3d-drucker 2printbeta printupy singlePrintupy Single2PrintBetaFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 22cm-02/16€  
3d-drucker 2printbeta printupy dualxPrintupy dualX2PrintBetaFDM/FFF10,5 x 18 x 22cm10/16€  
3d-drucker printrbot smallsPrintrbot SmallsPrintrbotFDM/FFF10 x 10 x 13cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker printrbot smallsPrintrbot SmallsPrintrbotFDM/FFF10 x 10 x 13cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker printrbot simple proPrintrbot Simple ProPrintrbotFDM/FFF20 x 15 x 20cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker printrbot simplePrintrbot SimplePrintrbotFDM/FFF 15 x 15 x 15cm-04/16€  
3d-drucker printrbot plusPrintrbot PlusPrintrbotFDM/FFF25 x 25 x 25 cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker printrbot play v2Printrbot Play v2PrintrbotFDM/FFF15 x 20 x 15cm--05/18€  
3d-drucker printrbot playPrintrbot PlayPrintrbotFDM/FFF 10 x 10 x 13cm--05/17€  
3d-drucker printrbot printrbelt kitPrintrbelt KITPrintrbotFDM/FFF∞cm--05/18€  
3d-drucker printrbot printbeltPrintrbeltPrintrbotFDM/FFF15,24 x 15,24 x ∞cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker portabee goPortabee GORomscrajFDM/FFF12 x 16 x 12cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker polaroid model smart 250 sPolaroid ModelSmart 250SPolaroidFDM/FFF25 x 15 x 15cm--01/17€  
3d-drucker vader polarisPolarisVaderSLM30,5 x 30,5 x 30,5cm--05/18€  
3d-drucker polar3dPolar3DPolar3DFDM/FFF20,3 x 20,3 x 15,2cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting PartPro350 xBCPartPro350 xBCXYZprintingHSS35 x 22,2 x 20cm--11/17€  
3d-drucker original prusa i3-mk3Original Prusa i3 MK3PrusaFDM/FFF25 x 21 x 21cm-11/17€  
3d-drucker prusa i3 mk2sOriginal Prusa i3 MK2SPrusaFDM/FFF25 x 21 x 20cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker markforged onyx oneOnyx OneMarkforgedFDM/FFF32 x 13,2 x 15,4cm--12/164025€  
3d-drucker kodama obsidian plusObsidian PlusKodamaFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm--07/17€  
3d-drucker kodama obsidian deluxeObsidian DeluxeKodamaFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-07/17€  
3d-drucker kodama obsidianObsidianKodamaFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm--07/17€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting nobel 1.0 aNobel 1.0 AXYZprintingSLA--10/162800€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting nobel 1.0Nobel 1.0XYZprintingSLA12,8 x 12,8 x 20cm--04/151369€  
Multirap M420 HighlineMultecFDM/FFF40 x 21 x 22cm12/16€  
3d-drucker multec m420-3d-printerMultirap M420MultecFDM/FFF40 x 21 x 22cm--12/16€  
3d-drucker multec m300Multirap M300MultecFDM/FFF21 x 30,5 x 16cm--11/16€  
3d-drucker multec multirap m200Multirap M200MultecFDM/FFF21 x 21 x 16cm--11/16€  
3d-drucker monoprice select mini v2MP Select Mini V2MonopriceFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-05/17218€  
3d-drucker monoprice select miniMP Select MiniMonopriceFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-04/17218€  
3d-drucker monoprice mini deltaMP Mini DeltaMonopriceFDM/FFFØ 11 x 12 cmcm-01/18€  
3d-drucker monoprice maker selectMP Maker Select V2MonopriceFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-11/16260€  
3d-drucker sprintray moonrayMoonRaySprintRayDLP9,6 x 6 x 20cm--01/183310€  
3d-drucker monoprice mini-slaMonoprice Mini SLAMonopriceSLA12,1 x 6,8 x 18cm--05/18€  
3d-drucker mbot 3d t480MBot T480MBot 3DFDM/FFF 34 x 41 x 48cm-12/16€  
3d-drucker mbot3d grid ii plusMBot Grid II+MBot 3DFDM/FFF23,5 x 21 x 18cm--12/16€  
3d-drucker mbot cubeMBot 3D CubeMBot 3DFDM/FFF23,5 x 21 x 18cm-12/16€  
3d-drucker markforged x3Markforged X3MarkforgedFDM/FFF33 x 27 x 20cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker markforged mark twoMark TwoMarkforgedFDM/FFF32 x 13,2 x 15,4cm--12/1611675€  
3d-drucker makergear m3 dualMakerGear M3 Independent DualMakerGearFDM/FFF20,3 x 25,4 x 20,3cm08/17€  
3d-drucker makergear m3MakerGear M3MakerGearFDM/FFF20,3 x 25,4 x 20,3cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker makergear m2MakerGear M2 KitMakerGearFDM/FFF20 x 25 x 20cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker makergear m2 dualMakerGear M2 DualMakerGearFDM/FFF 20 x 25 x 20cm08/17€  
3d-drucker makergear m2MakerGear M2MakerGearFDM/FFF20 x 25 x 20cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicator 2MakerBot Replicator+MakerBotFDM/FFF29,5 x 19,5 x 16,5cm--09/162769€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicator z18MakerBot Replicator Z18MakerBotFDM/FFF30,5 x 30,5 x 45,7cm-02/157299€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicator mini plusMakerBot Replicator Mini+ CompactMakerBotFDM/FFF10,1 x 12,6 x 12,6cm--10/161371€  
MakerBot Replicator 2X ExperimentalMakerBotFDM/FFF24,6 x 15,2 x 15,5cm--10/143198€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicator 2MakerBot Replicator 2MakerBotFDM/FFF28,5 x 15,3 x 15,5cm--12/15€  
3d-drucker makerbot replicatorMakerBot ReplicatorMakerBotFDM/FFF25,2 x 19,9 x 15,0cm--02/15€  
3d-drucker monoprice maker select plusMaker Select PlusMonopriceFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-03/17221€  
3d-drucker m3d proM3D ProM3DFDM/FFF17 x 17 x 15cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker m3d micro plusM3D Micro+M3DFDM/FFF11,68 x 10,92 x 11,43cm--10/17462€  
3d-drucker m3d microM3D MicroM3DFDM/FFF11,6 x 10,9 x 11,3cm-05/17€  
3d-drucker m3d crane quadM3D Crane QuadM3DFDM/FFF21,4 x 21,4 x 23cm-04/18€  
3d-drucker lumi industries lumi pocket ltLumi Pocket LTLumi IndustriesSLA6 x 7 x 6cm--08/15€  
3d-drucker lulzbot taz
LulzBot TAZ
FDM/FFF28 x 28 x 25cm-05/17€  
3d-drucker lulzbot mini 2LulzBot Mini 2LulzBotFDM/FFF16 x 16 x 18cm-04/18€  
3d-drucker lulzbot miniLulzBot MiniLulzBotFDM/FFF15,2 x 15,2 x 15,8cm-05/17€  
3d-drucker leapfrog hs xlLeapfrog Creatr HS XLLeapfrogFDM/FFF24 x 27 x 59cm09/15789€  
3d-drucker leapfrog creatr hsLeapfrog Creatr HSLeapfrogFDM/FFF24 x 28 x 18cm09/15980€  
3d-drucker leapfrog boltLeapfrog BoltLeapfrogFDM/FFF30 x 32 x 20,5cm03/17€  
3d-drucker kodak portraitKODAK PortraitKodakFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 25cm11/17€  
3d-drucker kentstrapper zeroKentstrapper ZeroKentstrapperFDM/FFF 26 x 26 x 28cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker kentsrapper verveKentstrapper VerveKentstrapperFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker kentstrapper mavisKentstrapper MavisKentstrapperFDM/FFF40 x 40 x 70cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker velleman k8200K8200VellemanFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-05/13299€  
3d-drucker jgaurora z 603sJGAURORA Z-603SJGAURORAFDM/FFF28 x 18 x 18cm-01/16729€  
3d-drucker jg aurora e3JGAURORA E-3JGAURORADLP12,8 x 8 x 20cm--07/17€  
3d-drucker jgaurora a3JGAURORA A3JGAURORAFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-03/17199€  
3d-drucker jgaurora a8JGAURORA A-8JGAURORAFDM/FFF35 x 25 x 30cm-01/16966€  
3d-drucker exone innovent plusInnovent+ExOneHSS16 x 6,5 x 6,5cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker cellink inkredible plusInkredible+CellinkFDM/FFF13 x 8 x 10cm--01/17€  
3d-drucker dremel 3d40Idea Builder 3D40DremelFDM/FFF25,5 x 15,5 x 17cm--08/16942€  
3d-drucker dremel idea builder 3d20Idea Builder 3D20DremelFDM/FFF23 x 15 x 14cm--06/151184€  
3d-drucker hc maker 7HC Maker 7HCFDM/FFF31 x 31 x 41cm-06/18€  
3d-drucker german reprap x350 proGerman RepRap X350proGerman RepRapFDM/FFF35 x 20 x 21cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker german reprap x150German RepRap X150German RepRapFDM/FFF 15 x 15 x 15cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker formlabs form 2Formlabs Form 2FormlabsSLA14,5 x 14,5 x 17,5cm--09/16€  
3d-drucker formlabs form 1 plusFormlabs Form 1+FormlabsSLA12,5 x 12,5 x 16,5cm--10/16€  
3d-drucker flashforge inventor iiFlashforge Inventor IIFlashforgeFDM/FFF15 x 14 x 14cm--07/17649€  
3d-drucker flashforge inventorFlashforge InventorFlashforgeFDM/FFF23 x 15 x 16 cm07/171299€  
3d-drucker flashforge hunterFlashforge HunterFlashforgeDLP12 x 6,75 x 15cm--07/17€  
3d-drucker flashforge guider iiFlashforge Guider IIFlashforgeFDM/FFF 25 x 28 x 30cm-07/171499€  
3d-drucker flashforge finderFlashforge FinderFlashforgeFDM/FFF14 x 14 x 14cm--11/16340€  
3d-drucker flashforge dreamerFlashforge DreamerFlashforgeFDM/FFF23 x 15 x 14cm05/15795€  
3d-drucker flashforge creator proFlashforge Creator ProFlashforgeFDM/FFF22,5 x 14,5 x 15cm07/17800€  
3d-drucker fischertechnik 536624Fischertechnik 536624FischertechnikFDM/FFF11,5 x 10 x 6,5cm--12/16445€  
3d-drucker felixprinters felix tec 4Felix Tec 4FELIXprintersFDM/FFF25,5 x 20,5 x 22cm01/18€  
3d-drucker felixprinters felix pro 2 touchFelix Pro 2 TouchFELIXprintersFDM/FFF23,7 x 24,4 x 23,5cm01/18€  
3d-drucker felixprinters felix pro 2Felix Pro 2FELIXprintersFDM/FFF23,7 x 24,4 x 23,5cm01/18€  
3d-drucker felixprinters felix pro 1Felix Pro 1FELIXprintersFDM/FFF24 x 24,5 x 23,5cm-05/15€  
3d-drucker felixprinters felix 3lFelix 3LFELIXprintersFDM/FFF25,5 x 20,5 x 40cm-04/18€  
3d-drucker felixprinters 3.1Felix 3.1 KitFELIXprintersFDM/FFF 25,5 x 20,5 x 22,5cm-01/18€  
3d-drucker kudo 3d fabFABKudo3DSLA6,8 x 12 x 15,5cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker evo tech el-11
Evo-Tech EL-11
FDM/FFF27 x 20 x 21cm--07/18€  
3d-drucker evo tech el 102Evo-Tech EL-102Evo-TechFDM/FFF50 x 40 x 51cm07/18€  
3d-drucker eos p 810EOS P 810EOSSLM70 x 38 x 38cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker german reprap x400 v4English RepRap x400 v4German RepRapFDM/FFF35 x 40 x 31cm01/18€  
3d-drucker german reprap x400 v3English RepRap X400 Pro V3German RepRapFDM/FFF39 x 40 x 32cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker creality3d ender twoEnder TwoCreality 3DFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 20cm-12/17219€  
3d-drucker creality-3d ender 3Ender 3Creality 3DFDM/FFF22 x 22 x 25cm-05/18€  
3d drucker creality 3d enderEnderCreality 3DFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 20cm-09/17€  
3d-drucker shining 3d einstart sEinStart-SShining 3DFDM/FFF16 x 16 x 16cm--01/17€  
3d-drucker shining 3d einstart lEinStart-LShining 3DFDM/FFF31 x 22 x 20cm--01/17€  
3d-drucker fabmaker bildungsdrucker smartEducational printer SmartFabmakerFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm--06/18€  
3d-drucker fabmaker bildungsdruckerEducational printerFabmakerFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 30cm10/16€  
3d-drucker wanhao i3 plusDuplicator i3 PlusWanhaoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18 cm-08/16299€  
3d-drucker wanhao duplicator i3Duplicator i3WanhaoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-10/15334€  
3d-drucker wanhao duplicator 6Duplicator 6WanhaoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 17,5cm-09/16902€  
3d-drucker wanhao duplicator 4sDuplicator 4SWanhaoFDM/FFF22,5 x 14,5 x 15 cm11/16695€  
3d-drucker dremel digilab 3d45Dremel DigiLab 3D45DremelFDM/FFF25,4 x 15,2 x 17,1cm-01/181599€  
3d-drucker creality3d dp 001DP-001Creality 3DDLP8 x 6 x 15cm--12/17€  
Dimension EliteStratasysFDM/FFF--€  
3d-drucker wasp delta 4070 industrialDelta WASP 4070 IndustrialWASPFDM/FFF40 x 70cm-€  
3d-drucker delta wasp 4070Delta WASP 4070WASPFDM/FFF40 x 67cm-03/16€  
3d-drucker wasp delta 40100 clayDelta WASP 40100 ClayWASPFDM/FFF40 x 100cm--06/17€  
3d-drucker wasp delta 3mt industrialDelta WASP 3MT IndustrialWASPFDM/FFF100 x 90cm-€  
3d-drucker wasp delta 3mt
Delta WASP 3MT
FDM/FFF100 x 120cm--€  
3d-drucker wasp 2040 delta turbo 2Delta WASP 2040 Turbo2WASPFDM/FFF20 x 40 cmcm06/18€  
3d-drucker wasp 2040 clayDelta WASP 2040 ClayWASPFDM/FFF20 x 40cm--09/16€  
3d-drucker wasp delta 2040Delta WASP 2040WASPFDM/FFF20 x 40 cmcm-06/16€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci junior 2.0 mixdaVinci Jr. 2.0 MixXYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm--04/17€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci superda Vinci SuperXYZprintingFDM/FFF29 x 29 x 30cm-11/17€  
3d-printer xyzprinting da vinci nanoda Vinci NanoXYZprintingFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm--01/18225€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci mini makerda Vinci miniMakerXYZprintingFDM/FFF 15 x 15 x 15cm--08/16201€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci mini wda Vinci mini wXYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm--10/16309€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci junior 1.0 wda Vinci Jr. 1.0 wXYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm--12/15338€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci junior 1.0 3in1da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3in1XYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm--06/16455€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci junior 1.0da Vinci Jr. 1.0XYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 15 x 15cm--04/15294€  
3d-drucker 3d printer xyzprinting davinci color minida Vinci Color MiniXYZprintingFDM/FFF13 x 13 x 13cm--08/18€  
3d-drucker xyz printing da vinci color aio 3d printerda Vinci Color AiOXYZprintingFDM/FFF18,4 x 18,5 x 15cm--09/18€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci colorda Vinci ColorXYZprintingFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 15cm--10/172811€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 2.0 a duoda Vinci 2.0 A/DuoXYZprintingFDM/FFF15 x 20 x 20cm12/14573€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 1.1 plusda Vinci 1.1 PlusXYZprintingFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-10/16555€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 1.0 proda Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1XYZprintingFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 19cm-11/15569€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 1.0 proda Vinci 1.0 ProXYZprintingFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-11/15569€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 1.0 aioda Vinci 1.0 AiOXYZprintingFDM/FFF 20 x 20 x 19cm-11/14411€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting da vinci 1.0 ada Vinci 1.0 AXYZprintingFDM/FFF 20 x 20 x 20cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker cubibotCubibotCubibotFDM/FFF12,7 x 12,7 x 12,7cm-06/18€  
3d-drucker 3dsystems cubex trioCubeX Trio3D SystemsFDM/FFF18,5 x 26,5 x 24cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker 3d systems cube proCubePro3D SystemsFDM/FFF28,54 x 23 x 27,04 cm10/16€  
3d-drucker creatbot f 430CreatBot F430CreatBotFDM/FFF40 x 30 x 30cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker creatbot f160CreatBot F160CreatBotFDM/FFF16 x 16 x 20cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker creatbot dx plusCreatBot DX PlusCreatBotFDM/FFF30 x 25 x 52cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker creatbot dxCreatBot DXCreatBotFDM/FFF30 x 25 x 30cm08/17€  
3d-drucker creatbot de plusCreatBot DE PlusCreatBotFDM/FFF40 x 30 x 52cm08/174199€  
3d-drucker creatbot deCreatBot DECreatBotFDM/FFF40 x 30 x 30cm08/17€  
3d-drucker creatbot d600CreatBot D600CreatBotFDM/FFF60 x 60 x 60cm08/17€  
3d-drucker creality 3d cr-5060Creality3D CR-5060Creality 3DFDM/FFF50 x 50 x 60cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker creality3d cr2020Creality3D CR-2020Creality 3DFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-12/17€  
3d-drucker creality3d cr10sCreality3D CR-10SCreality 3DFDM/FFF 30 x 30 x 40cm-10/17589€  
3d-drucker creality3d cr10 miniCreality 3D CR-10 miniCreality 3DFDM/FFF30 x 22 x 30cm-11/17306€  
3d-drucker creality3d cr10Creality 3D CR-10Creality 3DFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 40cm-05/16439€  
3d-drucker craftunique craftbot xlCraftBot XL WIFICraftUniqueFDM/FFF30 x 20 x 44cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker craftunique craftbot plusCraftBot PlusCraftUniqueFDM/FFF25 x 20 x 20cm-09/161003€  
3d-drucker craftbot 2 wifiCraftBot 2 WIFICraftUniqueFDM/FFF25 x 20 x 20 cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker wiiboox company pro 300Company Pro 300WiibooxFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 30cm01/18€  
3d-drucker colido x3045 duoCoLiDo X3045 DuoColidoFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 45cm12/162506€  
3d-drucker colido x3045CoLiDo X3045ColidoFDM/FFF30 x 30 x 45cm-12/162506€  
3d-drucker colido megaCoLiDo MegaColidoFDM/FFF1 x 1,5cm--01/18€  
3d-drucker colido m2020CoLiDo M2020ColidoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-12/161617€  
3d-drucker colido dlp 2.0CoLiDo DLP 2.0ColidoDLP10 x 7,6 x 15cm--01/18€  
3d-drucker colido diyCoLiDo DIYColidoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 17cm--08/16237€  
3d-drucker colido d1315CoLiDo D1315ColidoFDM/FFF13 x 15cm--12/17503€  
3d-drucker colido compactCoLiDo CompactColidoFDM/FFF 13 x 13 x 13cm--08/16327€  
3d-drucker colido 2.0 plusCoLiDo 2.0+ColidoFDM/FFF22,5 x 14,5 x 14cm-08/161014€  
3d-drucker wiiboox reeyee chocChocolate 3D printer Reeyee-Choc from WiibooxWiibooxFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 5cm--12/17€  
3d-drucker kwambio ceramo oneCeramo OneKwambioHSS40 x 25 x 40cm--01/18€  
3d-drucker cellink bio xCELLINK BIO XCellinkFDM/FFF13 x 8 x 5cm07/17€  
3d-drucker robox cel dualCEL Robox DualRoboxFDM/FFF21 x 15 x 10cm01/151269€  
3d-drucker robox celCEL RoboxRoboxFDM/FFF21 x 15 x 10cm-09/16€  
3d-drucker cbot ck2CBot CK 2Cbot 3DFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker cbot prusa i3CBot 3D Prusa i3Cbot 3DFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 23cm07/16€  
3d-drucker cbot3d d2CBot 3D D2Cbot 3DFDM/FFF29 x 20 x 23cm08/17€  
3d-drucker cbot3d ck1CBot 3D CK1Cbot 3DFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 20cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker cbot3d cboxCBot 3D C BoxCbot 3DFDM/FFF21 x 20 x 18 cm--08/17€  
3d-drucker xyzprinting cast pro 100 xpCastPro100 xPXYZprintingDLP--11/17€  
3d-drucker bq witbox 2BQ Witbox 2BQFDM/FFF29,7 x 21 x 20cm--01/161448€  
3d-drucker bq hephestos 2BQ Hephestos 2 KitBQFDM/FFF21 x 29,7 x 22cm-01/16819€  
3d-drucker bq hephestosBQ HephestosBQFDM/FFF21,5 x 21 x 18cm--12/16450€  
3d-drucker biqu i3BIQU-I3BIQUFDM/FFF22 x 22 x 25,5cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker biqu magicianBIQU MagicianBIQUFDM/FFFØ 10 x 15 cmcm--10/17259€  
3d-drucker biqu kossel proBIQU Kossel ProBIQUFDM/FFF35 x 25 x 38cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker biqu kossel plusBIQU Kossel PlusBIQUFDM/FFF25 x 25 x 38cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker 2printbeta beta prusa v2 standartBetaPrusaV2 standard2PrintBetaFDM/FFF17 x 20 x 11cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker 2printbeta betaprusa v2 dualixBetaPrusaV2 DualX Kit2PrintBetaFDM/FFF17 x 20 x 11cm10/16€  
3d-drucker betaprusa v2 deluxe easy buildBetaPrusaV2 deluxe EB2PrintBetaFDM/FFF17 x 20 x 11cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker 2printbeta beta prusa v2 deluxeBetaPrusaV2 deluxe2PrintBetaFDM/FFF17 x 20 x 11cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker beeverycreative beethefirst plusBeeTheFirst+BeeVeryCreativeFDM/FFF19 x 13,5 x 12,5cm--02/151591€  
3d-drucker beeverycreative beethefirstBeeTheFirstBeeVeryCreativeFDM/FFF19 x 13,5 x 12,5cm--04/14749€  
3d-drucker beeverycreative beeprusaBeePrusaBeeVeryCreativeFDM/FFF18,5 x 20 x 19cm02/15674€  
3d-drucker beeverycreative beeinschoolBeeInSchoolBeeVeryCreativeFDM/FFF19 x 13,5 x 12,5cm--12/151855€  
3d-drucker kudo 3d beanBeanKudo3DSLA12,1 x 6,8 x 15cm--05/17€  
3d-drucker bcn3d sigmaBCN3D SigmaBCN3DFDM/FFF21 x 29,7 x 21cm06/172860€  
3d-drucker balco heroBalco”Hero”BalcoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-11/17€  
3d-drucker balcoBalcoBalcoFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18cm-10/17€  
3d-drucker b9 creations b9 core 530B9 Core 530B9 CreationsDLP5,76 x 3,24 x 12,7cm--02/17€  
3d-drucker anycubic modular i3Anycubic Modular i3AnycubicFDM/FFF21 x 21 x 25cm-04/16209€  
3d-drucker anycubic megaAnycubic i3 MegaAnycubicFDM/FFF21 x 21 x 20,5cm-04/16309€  
3d-drucker tiertime x 5Animal time X5TiertimeFDM/FFF18 x 23 x 20cm--04/18€  
3d-drucker anet e10Anet E10AnetFDM/FFF22 x 27 x 30cm-08/17268€  
3d-drucker anet a8Anet A8AnetFDM/FFF 22 x 22 x 24cm-08/17225€  
3d-drucker anet a6Anet A6AnetFDM/FFF22 x 22 x 25cm-05/17210€  
3d-drucker anet a3Anet A3AnetFDM/FFF 15 x 15 x 15cm-04/17399€  
3d-drucker altair 3 pro
Altair 3 Pro
FDM/FFF17,7 x 25,4cm-01/17€  
3d-drucker afinia h 800 plusAfinia H800+Afinia 3DFDM/FFF25,5 x 20,5 x 20,5cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker afinia h480Afinia H480Afinia 3DFDM/FFF 14 x 14 x 13,5cm-10/16€  
3d-drucker afinia h400Afinia H400Afinia 3DFDM/FFF12 x 12 x 12cm-08/17€  
3d-drucker sindoh 3dwox dp2003DWOX DP200SindohFDM/FFF20 x 20 x 18,5cm-03/171629€  
3d-drucker 3d systems cube 33D Systems Cube 33D SystemsFDM/FFF15,25 x 15,25 x 15,25 cm-04/151245€  
3d-drucker massivit 3d 1800 flagship1800 FlagshipMassivit 3DSLA1,45 x 1,11 x 1,80cm--11/17€  
3d-drucker massivit 3d 1500 exploration1500 ExplorationMassivit 3DSLA1,47 x 1,17 x 1,45cm--03/18€