About us

3Dmake is the new online magazine for 3D printing. 3Dmake reports regularly and daily on the latest technologies, 3D printers, designers, makers and applications. Our focus topics are: The latest 3D printers, 3D models and industrial applications of 3D printing.

Editing & Marketing

The 3Dmake editorial team invites all interested manufacturers and service providers in the industry to inform us about their latest products so that we can provide this information to our users. Please send news and press material to: redaktion@3dmake.de

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Publishing house

3Dmake is a product of the Ebner Verlag. Ebner Publishung, headquartered in Ulm/Germany, is a 200-year-old family-run company specializing in special interest and B2B media. The company produces and markets 88 magazines and 40 websites in 11 countries with more than 10 million readers.

Through websites, blogs, social media channels, magazines, newsletters, eBooks, seminars, webinars and events, Ebner Verlag serves its heterogeneous target groups.

Ebner has 9 locations in Germany: Ulm, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bremen, Hamburg, Hildesheim and Freiburg.

Further international locations are Vienna, The Hague, Sao Paulo, New York, Shanghai and Warsaw. Licensed products are also published in Mexico, South Korea, Japan, India and the United Arab Emirates.


Ebner Verlag GmbH & Co KG
Karlstr. 3, 89073 Ulm

Project head 3Dmake:
Henry Schmidt
Tel: 0049/0151/58595893

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