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19 Fun Cookie Cutters from the 3D Printer

Christmas is approaching and the weather invites you to bake cookies. You can make these cookie cutters yourself with the 3D printer. In addition, we present a startup that prints personalized cookie cutters for you:

Copypastry- 3D Printed Biscuit Cutter to Order

3d-gedruckte keksformen 3d printed cookie cutter copypastry

Source: Copypastry

Copypastry is a Hungarian startup that I specialized in the production of personalized biscuit molds. The PLA molds are not only suitable for Christmas, but for the whole year. You can have your logo, your partner, both of you, friends, stars or your pet mutate into a little mold and thus conjure up great gifts. How does it work? Simply choose the type of cookie cutter, upload the picture, choose the quantity and color, order, pay and be happy that about two weeks later the cookie cutters are ready for the dough in your kitchen!

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Peppa Pig

3d-modell peppa pig cookie cutter 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, RoelP

Christmas without Peppa Pig? No way! Maker “RoelP” printed this beautiful cookie cutter for his 3 year old daughter who is a big fan of the series. Maker “RoelP” selected a picture of the piglet from a coloring book, scanned it and opened it in Solidworks. The program gave depth and shape to the model. The hole between the eyes and the mouth is an excellent way to squeeze the biscuit dough out of the mold.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: RoelP

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3d-modell benchy cookie cutter 3d model

Source: Pinshape, CreativeTools

CreativeTools, who made the test boat “Benchy” famous for 3D printing, say to their cookie cutters: “As a visual aid, the 3DBenchy cookie cutter helps to determine if you have used too much or too little dough, or if your cookies are simply perfect! Either way, if you decorate it with a little icing and let it dry, you can go right back to 3D printing!”

Found on Pinshape, Maker: CreativeTools

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Gingerbread Men

3d-modell plätzchenform lebkuchenmann

Source: Thingiverse, OogiMe

With about 17 grams of filament and less than an hour of time you get this cute gingerbread manikin shape. Maker “OogiMe” provides you with more great models for biscuit molds, which are so beautiful that we present two more.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: OogiMe

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3d-modell plätzchenform schneemann

Source: Thingiverse, OogiMe

The snowman form consists of about 20 grams of filament and the printing takes about an hour.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: OogiMe

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Rudolph the Reindeer

3d-modell plätzchenform rudolph

Source: Thingiverse, OogiMe

For Rudolph you have to plan about one hour of printing time and 22 grams of filament. More great dough recipes and sweet biscuit molds from “OogiMe” can also be found here!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: OogiMe

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Poop Emoji

3d-modell poop emoji cookie cutter 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, FMMT666

…You can imagine how authentic this Emoji will look when you cover it with chocolate…

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: FMMT666

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Mickey Mouse

3d-modell plaetzchenform cookie cutter mickey mouse 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, TeamOliva

For those who need a little more color in winter and want to make children happy! Maker “TeamOliva” has wisely prepared the cookie cutter in such a way that you can easily achieve the rainbow effect. -And a recipe is also included!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TeamOliva

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3D Winter Scenario

3d-modell plaetzchenform 3d model cookie cutter

Source: Thingiverse, KRISP3D

For this wintry scenario, you may need more skill in baking than printing, because the dough needs to have the right thickness so that the figures are stable afterwards and can be easily put together. “KRISP3D” also offers you bears and foxes as 3D models.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: KRISP3D

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Jabba the Hutt

3d-modell plätzchenform jabba

Source: Thingiverse, MightyJabba

Admittedly, the fat, reptilian-like Jabba of the Hutt isn’t very appetizing to look at, but as a cookie he’s kind of cute…Maker “MightyJabba” explains to you in a video how he came up with the model and implemented it. You can achieve an authentic green touch by mixing some green tea powder into the dough, for example.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: MightyJabba

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Crib Biscuits

3d-modell plätzchenform krippe

Source: Thingiverse, SusisKitchen

This creative place consists of several layers and recreates the Christmas story. Maker “SusisKitchen” printed the molds with a Ecksbot ZA.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: SusisKitchen

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Gingerbread House

3d-modell plätzchenform lebkuchenhaus

Source: YouMagine, Lucas

If you want to set up an edible crib in a larger format and then eat it, you can download the four molds for Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the poinsettia from “Lucas”, design a cottage and a crib floor, print and bake everything and glue the individual parts with tons of sweets!

Found on YouMagine, Maker: Lucas

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Candy Canes

3d-modell plätzchenform zuckerstangen

Source: Thingiverse, NikodemBartnik

Wouldn’t these candy canes look good if they got a little color and hung on the Christmas tree? Maker “NikodemBartnik” explains to you in a video how he created his biscuit molds.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: NikodemBartnik

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Shaun the Sheep

3d-modell plätzchenform shaun

Source: Thingiverse, ToddlerMess

For all children who are Shaun the Sheep fans! This form here was made with PLA. Give the cute animal a little icing or icing sugar or make two layers of it and fill the cookie with jam. Then squeeze two pearl eyes into the dough and the sheep is ready for the cookie plate.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: ToddlerMess

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3d-modell plätzchenform häuschen

Thingiverse, VecteR

A great decoration for your warming tea and almost too good to eat…! The three parts are simply glued after baking with icing sugar and if you like you can decorate the cottage a little bit. The molds were printed with an M Prime One.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: VecteR

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Cup Cookies

3d-modell plätzchenform tassenplätzchen

Source: Thingiverse, faberdasher

If you want a less elaborate cookie variant, but still don’t want to miss out on the cup version, you can print these molds. Maker “faberdasher” provides you with 3D-models of a house, a star and a heart. These were printed with PLA in christmas colors.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: faberdasher

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Little Animal

3d-modell plätzchenform tierchen

Source: Thingiverse, meschini

Here, a maker was inspired by a children’s league game. Aren’t they cute? “meschini” printed the forms in an exemplary manner with recycled PLA from 3eco.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: meschini

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3d-modell plätzchenform räuber

Source: Cults, Salokannel

How cool is that? After you have cut out the form, place an almond or hazelnut in the middle of the body, place the raw dough arms around it and bake the sweet thief, who will be eaten afterwards as punishment!

Found on Cults, Maker: Salokannel. Price: 1,39$

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3d-modell plätzchenform arty

Source: Thingiverse, mrbenbritton

Maker “mrbenbritton” offers us a great Advent activity for the whole family: Let your children draw something nice, then convert it into a 3D model and print it as a cookie cutter. Then you really have fun kneading and cutting out the dough, then you watch with excitement how the work of art turns golden in the oven and enjoy the delicious cookies afterwards in a cosy company.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: mrbenbritton

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Skull cookie roll

3d-modell keks roller cookie roller 3d model

Source: MyMiniFactory, Tanya Wiesner

This is obviously not a cookie cutter, but we thought it was such a cool idea that we added it to our fun cookie cutter list. After all, you can give your biscuits a certain something! For those who prefer a more neutral look: “Tanya Wiesner” also has a roll with a structural pattern in its range. The practical thing: You can also use the roll for example for modelling clay for playing!

Found on MyMiniFactory, Maker: Tanya Wiesner

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