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21 Cool iPhone Cases from the 3D Printer

Sure, iPhone cases are ten a penny, but not everyone has a self-printed mobile phone case! Let´s knuckle down!



Source: Thingiverse, KevinMcK95

This poppy iPhone case out of ABS was made within 2 hours with an XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 and fits best on an iPhone 5. Scale the dimesnions to 101%, because the plastic shrinks by 1%. The back of the cover should be printed on the build plate first.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: KevinMcK95

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Campbell’s Tomato Soup


Source: MyMiniFactory, Maker: Gav Bro

Why not use a apparently timeless work of art as an iPhone case? “Gav Bros” transformated Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup label into a 3D model and printed it as a smartphone case. He printed a mix of PLA and flexible filament to make the case more tactile. Moreover, he used four different colors: yellow, white, red, and black.

Found on MyMiniFactory, Maker: Gav Bro

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Source: Thingiverse, Costum3DPrinting

Great design! Maker “Costum3DPrinting” was inspired by a tattoo, modelled a lion head and decorated it with a floral pattern. He then printed the shock resistant cover with a Zortrax M200.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Costum3DPrinting

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3d-modell iphone staender 3d model stand

Source: Instructables, Maundy

With this mega-practical case you can not only protect your smartphone, but also set it up as you like in three different variations. Furthermore, you can print the tristand in one piece!

Found on Instructables, Maker: Maundy

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3d-modell iphone monogramm 3d model monogram

Source: Thingiverse, TheNewHobbyist/Silvia Heisel

Here some cool iPhone cases that you can also add your initials (up to 3 letters). Print them best with PLA.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheNewHobbyist/Silvia Heisel

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3d-modell iphone ohr 3d model ear

Source: Pinshape, thebeastgoeson

If you really want to make your counterpart look suspicious, then print out this iPhone case with which it seems your ear would break my phone calls! Admittedly, the cover can still be reworked a little, but then you simply do it to your taste!

Found on Pinshape, Maker: thebeastgoeson. Price: $7.80

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3d-modell iphone zebra 3d model

Source: Pinshape, FORMBYTE

Welcome to the jungle! This zebra-look iPhone case should be printed with 100% infill and a layer thickness of 100 microns, so that the result is thin but still robust enough to best protect your smartphone.

Found on: Pinshape, Maker: FORMBYTE

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3d-modell iphone spinnennetz 3d model spider net

Source: Pinshape, FORMBYTE

This spider web case should also be printed with 100% infill and 100 microns layer thickness. Depending on the iPhone color, you can set subtle or strong contrasts with the filament selection. This bright version looks noble, dark filament highlights the net on a bright smartphone even more.

Found on Pinshape, Maker: FORMBYTE

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3d-modell iphone totenschaedel 3d model skull

Source: Thingiverse, Maker Mathi_

This trendy low-polygon style iPhone case for versions 4, 4s, 5s and 6 was made with an Ultimaker.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker Mathi_

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3d-modell iphone schmetterlinge 3d model butterflies

Source: Thingiverse, Mathi_

If you prefer a cute variant, you can print this nice cover for the iPhone 4 and 4s from the same maker!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Mathi_

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3d-modell iphone blumen

Source: Thingiverse, DaGov

Here is a floral version for your iPhone.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: DaGov

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3d-modell iphone hummer 3d model lobster

Source: Thingiverse, BrianStamile

This high-contrast design was created for iPhone 4 and 4s.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker BrianStamile

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3d-modell iphone zahnrad

Source: Thingiverse, QuentinT

These gears run with the so-called Maltese cross gear: When you turn the large wheel, even the small ones turn, the star wheel at the top right turns only occasionally. Such a stepping or ratchet gear is built into watches or film projectors, for example, and with this smartphone case it just looks cool!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: QuentinT

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3d-modell iphone schablone 3d model stencil

Source: Thingiverse, sethmoser

What about a costumizable case in stencil style? For a personalized cover just upload your favorite image (gif, png, jpg) from Benjamin’s Stencil Factory “Stencil-o-Matic” with the Thingiverse Costumizer, where it is then converted to STL format as a stencil for printing.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: sethmoser

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3d-modell iphone minimalistisch 3d model minimalist

Source: Thingiverse, sanctionone

If you are a purist, this iPhone 6 case is perfect for you. It preserves the actual design of the smartphone, but protects it from wear and impact.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: sanctionone

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3d-modell iphone unterschriften 3d model signatures

Source: Thingiverse, Gyrobot

A proud daddy has worked hard here: Take a signature list of your favorite friends, adjust the image and convert the document to a.dxf file. Then it´s time for 3D printing and with a little patience you can make your child happy a little later!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Gyrobot

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3d-modell iphone grafisch 3d model graphic

Source: Thingiverse, NatureWorks

This graphical case could adorn your iPhone 5.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: NatureWorks

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Storm Trooper

3d-modell iphone storm trooper

Source: Thingiverse, Forgedinplastic3d

A must for all Star Wars fans and iPhone 6+ owners! This awesome cover was printed with a Robo 3D.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Forgedinplastic3d

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Business Card Holder

3d-modell iphone visitenkartenfach 3d model business card holder

Source: Thingiverse, SimonSaito

Here is a clever iPhone case for a 5s model, which has an extra holder for 5-10 business cards! Those who work with SolidWorks can also immortalize their name at the side.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: SimonSaito

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3d-modell iphone forelle 3d model trout

Source: Pinshape, shookdesign

For all passionate fishermen is here a 3D model of a trout with detailed fish scales!

Found on Pinshape, Maker: shookdesign

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3d-modell iphone elefant 3d model elephant

Source: Found on Thingiverse, Marco3D

This extravagant case is for iPhone 5 and HTC Sense. The cool concept and design comes from “Marco3D”s 12-year-old daughter: She turns a smartphone into an elephant! The practical side-effect: The folded ears  protect your display.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Marco3D

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