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25 Cool Lego Items from the 3D Printer

Has a stone been lost? Still need a present? Or do the children just need supplies? Here you will find a selection of cool Lego items from the 3D printer to complete or expand your sets!

Cable Car


Source: Thingiverse, lio_

Great! Parents and children can really do tinkering here, because you can not only print this cable car, but also make it drive. Maker “lio_” has even thought of a storage space for the skis! If you want to make several cabins, then you should print it in different colors!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: lio_

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3D Printer

3d-modell lego mini 3d-drucker 3d model 3d printer

Source: Thingiverse, andrewar

So that your Lego figures can also enjoy 3D printing, make these cool FDM printers! They are available in four versions: As a delta 3D printer, two DIY kits and with enclosure.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: andrewar

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Source: Thingiverse, Pop4solar

This cute, Lego compatible bat is printed easily with PLA as well as low temperature and speed.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Pop4solar

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3d-modell lego tentacles

Source: Thingiverse, Melic

Cool! With these tentacles there are no limits to your Lego game! Just take off the normal arms of the figurine and replace them with the 3D printed octopus version!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Melic

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3d-modell lego flower

Source: Thingiverse, DasMia

These flowers are ten times larger than the original, but can be used in the same way as the small version. Just print the stem with supports and the flowers in your favorite color. Maker “DasMia” made them with an Anet AM8.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: DasMia

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3d-modell lego letters

Source: Cults, MosaicManufacturing

Maker “MosaicManufacturing” provides the whole alphabet with 26 2 x 2 Lego bricks to give free rein to your artistic and literary creativity!

Found on Cults, Maker: MosaicManufacturing

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3d-modell lego pendant

Source: Thingiverse, Caboose

This is a Lego hut with a small hole on the roof, so that it can be hung up. When printing, remember that the hole points upwards and use support structures if necessary!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Caboose

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Ninja Turtles

3d-modell lego ninja turtles

Source: Cults, Woody3D974

Maker “Woody3D974” provides you with the files for all four Ninja Turtles including accessories. You can use them for Lego or Duplo and they should be easy to print. Some parts, such as the head or the sword, must be printed with supports. The abdominal part, the back shield, the mouth, the eyes and the mask are later fixed to the figure with superglue.

Found on Cults, Maker: Woody3D974

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Plus Size

3d-modell lego space pirate

Source: Thingiverse, Techtek

Admittedly, this is not a classic Lego figure in small format, but this big space pirate is simply awesome, isn’t it? Maker “Techtek” crossed for this version a classic Lego astronaut from the late 70s with a Lego pirate from the late 90s and enlarged it: This guy is 16 cm tall! But don’t worry: A 3D printer with a 10 x 10 x 10 cm build volume is sufficient. Just plan a little sanding and cutting afterwards to be able to assemble the parts well.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Techtek

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Racing Car

3d-modell lego racer

Source: Thingiverse, ivymike

This red speedster was designed by Maker “ivymike” for his son’s 6th birthday. He printed the initials and the age of his child in the body to match the occasion. However, the file is set up so that you can add your own imprints as required.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: ivymike

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3d-modell lego castle

Source: Thingiverse, danielkschneider

If you want to offer your Lego figures a decadent playground, you could try this model! Any FDM printer that can print 0.25 high layers should be able to make the modules of this castle. Maker “danielkschneider” needed about six to eight hours with his Felixprinter for one tower. Four connecting components, two thick corners and a part of the castle wall took about 22 hours. Well, there’s still some time till Christmas!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: danielkschneider

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3d-modell lego crocodile

Source: Thingiverse, steveweber314

May we introduce: This is Chompty, a Lego crocodile from the 3D printer with movable legs, feet, flexible body, swinging tail, rolling eyes and a mouth that can chew! With its two integrated 6 Lego bricks, the crocodile can also carry passengers or luggage on its back! Since it is printed in curled form, a small printing bed is also sufficient. When printed and folded out, it measures 25 cm from the snout to the tip of the tail!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: steveweber314

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Golf Course

3d-modell lego golf

Source: Thingiverse, beekeeper

That´s amazing! An 18-hole golf course including accessories for your Lego figures!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: beekeeper

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Bumper Cars

3d-modell lego bumper car

Source: Thingiverse, satoer

These bumper cars are printed in two parts, so even 3D printer owners with single extruder can have fun! In addition, no glue is needed to connect the two pieces, because they can easily be plugged together. By the way, if you print the car in original size, duplo figures fit in it, if you print it only half as big, the Legos benefit! The scooters here were made with a Felix 1.5 with PLA.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: satoer

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Lego Brick 4 x 2

3d-modell lego brick

Source: Thingiverse, bengineering

Have Lego bricks fallen behind the couch again or simply can no longer be found? No problem! Then simply new stones can be printed! Here is a model for a classic 4×2 Lego brick made of ABS, printed with a Fortus 360.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: bengineering

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Multiple Lego Stone

3d-modell lego brick

Source: Thingiverse, cunicode

This universal lego stone has nubs on all sides! Cura was used as slicer software, the PLA lego stone was printed with an Ultimaker with firmware Marlin – without support, within 10 minutes.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: cunicode

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Clone Trooper

3d-modell lego star wars clone trooper

Source: Thingiverse, jendaviswilson

The maker’s son believes that there are only 3D printers to print clone warriors. No sooner said than done, it should happen that way! Violà there’s a whole armada of them! The Legos were printed with a Printrbot Simple Metal. For a couple you have to plan around one hour printing time.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: jendaviswilson

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Lego Brick Separator

3d-modell lego legostein hebel

Source: Thingiverse, TheNewHobbyist

This problem occurs from time to time: Some Lego bricks can no longer be removed by another. Here is the solution: A Lego brick separator from the 3D printer!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheNewHobbyist

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Luke Skywalker

3d-modell lego luke skywalker

Source: Thingiverse, Skimbal

This Luke Skywalker is printed in several parts: Arms and legs, helmet, light sabre, head and chest details.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Skimbal

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Zombie Head

3d-modell lego zombie head

Source: Thingiverse, Skimbal

Gee, how creepy! A Lego zombie! If you want to print it even more gruesomely, take fluorescent filament for the eyes and print the head dark to contrast!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Skimbal

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Airbus A380

3d-modell lego airbus a 380

Source: Thingiverse, HenrikSjodin

If your kids’ Christmas wish list includes a Lego plane: Here are the instructions! The Airbus was printed in ABS with a Stratasys UprintPlus.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: HenrikSjodin

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3d-modell lego ring

Source: Thingiverse, tart2000

Lego jewellery for the children or even for yourself can of course also be printed! What about this ring? Its size is adjustable and according to taste one can use a colored 2 x 2 Lego brick substituying the gemstone.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: tart2000

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20 x 20 Base Plate

3d-modell lego plate

Source: Thingiverse, Chris01

Such a base plate ist obligatory in every Lego box! After all, you can build houses and many other great things on it! Maker “Chriso1” offers you several plate variants.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Chris01

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3d-modell lego roboter

Source: Thingiverse, wgss

This wicked robot with integrated seat for your Lego figure was modeled with 3D Studio. The individual parts can be printed without support and simply glued together.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: wgss

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Whole Collection

3d-modell lego legofiguren

Source: Thingiverse, rcaslis

And if you just can’t get enough of Lego figures and would like to build a small Lego town with your children, you will surely find it in the file collection of Maker “rcaslis”! These were printed with an R1 from Robo3D with PLA.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: rcaslis

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