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The 6 Best 3D Pens for Creative People and Children

3D printing beginners who want to get their ideas into shape don’t necessarily need a 3D printer – a 3D pen is often enough to turn their dream objects into reality. A pen is a cost-effective variant and is also suitable for children’s hands.  Here the best 3D printing pens:

Polaroid Play

3d-pen polaroid play

Source: Amazon, Polaroid

The easy-to-use 3D pen from Polaroid prints with PLA and also fits well in children’s hands. It is equipped with an on/off switch, two buttons for speed adjustment, a conveyor button and a status LED light. Also practical: The free app “Polaroid Play Trace”, compatible with Android and iOS, allows you to trace multi-part, pre-installed templates. Optionally you can also edit your own images and play them back with the app.

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3d-pen dikale

Source: Amazon, dikale

The digital 3D printing pen comes with 12 different PLA colors and an e-book with 250 stencils. Print speed and temperature can be manually selected using the buttons and LCD screen. Objects made of ABS are also possible. And if you forget to switch off the pen during a break or after work, there is no need to worry, because the pen has a stand-by mode that switches on automatically after 3 minutes.

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dikale Cat

3d-stift dikale katze 3d-pen

With this cute 3D cat pen, printing is of course twice as much fun! It is also produced by dikale and comes with similar features: There is a stand-by mode that is automatically activated after 10 minutes, the pen processes PLA and is easy to use thanks to the OLED display.

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3d-pen tipeye

Source: Amazon, Tipeye

The Tipeye is available in blue and silver and also works with ABS and PLA. The latter is supplied free of charge with the order (7.5 m). The package also includes a USB cable that allows you to charge the pen conveniently, for example on a laptop or computer, and then print without the need for an annoying cable.

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3d-stift tecboss 3d-pen

Source: Amazon, Tecboss

With the Tecboss 3D pen, objects can be printed with PLA and PCL. The device is controlled via only one button. Thanks to the patented ceramic nozzle, the pen is long-lasting, the heat can be kept stable and better released. The pen is charged at the supplied charging station or via USB cable.

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3d-stift ophysprint 3D-pen

Source: Amazon, Ophysprint

The Ophysprint, which is suitable for children aged 8 and over, is particularly easy and pleasant to hold thanks to its shape, and the pen only weighs 45 grams. As soon as the pen arrives at home, you can get started, because three different colored filaments are included.

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