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Thanos: Maker Timelapse and 3D Models

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains from the Marvel universe and soon the galactic warlord could be part of your living room…

Maker Timelapse

If you’re not sure how to do your own Thanos project, check out this video by Youtuber Steven Richter! He shows you step by step how he printed and finished Thano’s ultimate glove:

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3D Models

If you don’t want to make a 3D model, you can download more STL files here:


3d-modell thanos 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, Babelibue

This great bust makes the immortal Thanos even more immortal! It was printed with an Anet A8 and afterwards finished with airbrush. The re-makes of the model are also pretty cool!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Babelibue

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Infinity Gauntlet

3d-modell thanos handschuh 3d model gauntlet

Source: Gambody

Thanos is the strongest being in the Marvel universe, which he also owes to his Infinity Gauntlet, with which he can generate superhuman powers. The model consists of 10 parts and is available for all printer types FFF/FDM, SLS/DLP/SLA. The size can be scaled without sacrificing quality.

Found on Gambody. Price: 12.99$

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Forearm Protection

3d-model thanos handschuh 3d model gauntlet

Source: Thingiverse, Lost Patron

To make the Infinity Gauntlet look even more authentic, you can make a “Lostpatrons” 3D model of the rounded forearm. Schedule supports for that, too.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Lost Patron

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3d-modell thanos figur 3d model figurine

Source: MyMiniFactory, Ben-3D

For this 4 x 6 x 12 cm Mini-Thanos you need more than 30 grams of filament and about 6 hours printing time. It consists of 4 parts: Head, body, chair and stand.

Found on MyMiniFactory, Maker: Ben-3D

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3d-modell thanos knopf 3d model knob

Source: Thingiverse, lylesvendsen

Cooool! If you want to pimp your Prusa, then exchange the control button with a Thanos head!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: lylesvendsen

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