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17 Top Sites for Free 3D Models and Printable Files

If you are looking for free 3D printables, STL files and 3D models for printing – here is a selection of platforms and communities that provide the necessary files!


sketchfab 3d printing models

Source: Sketchfab

Sketchfab is an ideal platform for makers looking for unusual models. Filtering can be done between STL and OBJ files, with the latter providing color information for advanced 3D printing.

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cgtrader 3d printing models

Source: cgtrader

cgtrader is a platform where you can buy and offer 3D models. With the filter system you can also find free models from the fields of art, fashion, jewellery, gadgets, toys, hobby, household, science and miniatures. You can choose from STL, OBJ, 3DM, 3DS and MAX files. The 3D models can be printed using an FDM, SLA, SLS or other 3D printer.

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yeggi 3d printing models

Source: Yeggi

Yeggi is a 3D model search engine that compiles search results from various websites. In this way you get a quite extensive selection within a very short time. You can also see which models are currently the most popular.

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myminifactory 3d printing models

Source: MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory also offers free 3D files and can be used in seven languages. The models are created by professionals who test the quality of the prints. A special highlight: Users have the possibility to express model wishes. If a proposal is implemented, it is also made available to all other users.

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thingiverse 3d printing models

Source: Thingiverse

Thingiverse is operated by MakerBot and already has a huge community that diligently uploads free STL files from various areas with different levels of complexity. On the platform you always find a few cool things that you definitely have to have printed once!

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tinkercad 3d printing models

Source: Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a browser-based tool with an extra area where files can be uploaded and shared. Although some free STL files are available, the focus is more on 3D design and modeling, which can be easily and quickly implemented.

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pinshape 3d printing models

Source: Tinkercad

Pinshape has a large community that provides free STL files for download. But you can also buy high-class 3D print models or offer them for an extra charge.

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youmagine 3d printing models

Source: Youmagine

Youmagine is part of the open source 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. Makers can upload and share their STL files there. The free models are compatible with all 3D printers.

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stlfinder 3d printing models

Source: STLFinder

As the name suggests: The STL Finder searches the World Wide Web for suitable STL files. If you get an account you can also mark your favorites for the next visit. And if you want an overview of what is currently being printed: even the most popular applications are listed in the STL Finder.

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XYZprinting 3D Gallery

xyzprinting 3d printing models

Source: XYZprinting

Taiwan-based 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting also offers an easy-to-use section on its homepage dedicated to STL files. The 3D models can be selected from categories such as art, fashion, office, gadgets, household, education, tools and toys. Once you have found an interesting object you can get more information about the buttons. To use the models you have to create an account first.

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free3d 3d printing models

Source: Free3D

Free 3D (formerly known as TF3DM) is a platform for all creative makers who want to present and share their projects with the world. Beyond that the portal offers the possibility with its portfolio to score and orders as freelancer to receive. The practical symbol filter system allows you to browse for suitable models in a wide variety of areas.
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Source: Yobi3D

Yobi3D is a search engine with a selection of over 1 million 3D models. If one lands on the user-friendly homepage, one can inform oneself beforehand, which is most preferably printed straight. The file formats obj, stl, fbx, max, 3ds, ma, mb, blend, 3dm, dae, dwg, dxf, lwo, ply, skp, step, stp, iges, and igs are available.

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cults 3d printing models

Source: Cults

At Cults. you can surf in English, French and Spanish. The platform is used by makers to sell or share their models. The standard for the STL files is set very high. As a user you can always stay up to date by getting informed about postings of new models and following your favorite members.

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3dexport 3d printing models

Source: 3DExport

High-class models can also be purchased or offered at 3DExport. If you want to stay with free files, you will find over 2000 3D models on the platform, which you can easily find via the filter system.
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threeding 3d printing models

Source: Threeding

Threeding offers makers and companies a wide range of 3D models for sale, purchase or exchange. In addition, there are a lot of free files on the platform. And here, too, anyone who wants to have a favourite object printed better can take advantage of the 3D printing service offered.

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Libre 3D

libre3d 3d printing models

Source: Libre 3D

Libre3D is a platform on which everything is “libre”, so everything is available for download! The STL files cover the most diverse areas of life, whether art, architecture, games, robots or even inventions – there are no limits to creativity. By the way: One of the leaders of Libre3D is Adrian Bowyer, the developer of the RepRap project!

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Aipos3D 3d printing model

Source: Aipos3D

Aipos3D is a search engine that lets you filter great 3D models using a variety of themes. The categories include animals, art, electronics, fashion, leisure, gadgets, house and garden, jewellery and many more. To the search results belong free as well as models for an extra charge.

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