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18 Impressive Busts from the 3D Printer

Is your mantel missing a real eye-catcher? Or has the bookcase not yet been set in scene? -No problem: Print a bust, for example of your idol, and place it in one of the spots! We especially like the detailed Schwarzenegger and the sloth bust!

Darth Vader Buddha


Source: Thingiverse, cporto

This cool Darth Vader Buddha version in two sizes already has 60 makes. Vader’s lightsaber lies on the base of the bust, but maker “cporto” offers to provide a model with the sword in his hand if needed.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: cporto

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

3d-modell arnold schwarzenegger 3d model

Source: Turbosquid, vefilanna

This Arnold Schwarzenegger bust is certainly a good choice for those who want to remember the heyday of the Terminator.

Found on Turbosquid, maker: vefilanna. Price: $30

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Ludwig van Beethoven

3d-modell beethoven 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, TheNewHobbyist

With this Beethoven miniature, a symphony pleasure is certainly even more authentic! Maker “The NewHobbyist” scanned the great model with his iPhone 5S and 123D Catch. With the 3D model, the replica is printed within 2 hours.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheNewHobbyist

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Hairy Albert Einstein

3d-modell albert einstein 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, freeform3d

This hairy Einstein was created in a MakerBot Replicator (5th generation) without support. The maker will explain how best to get the 3D printed hair done.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: freeform3d

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Mr. Spock

3d-modell mr spock 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, cerberus333

A must for Star Trek fans of course: Mr. Spock as a shiny ABS bust!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: cerberus333

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3d-modell robocop 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, Geoffro

This Robocop consists of three parts, which were printed without supports. However, in case of a 3D print with ABS or no possibility of cooling, maker “Geoffro” recommends to add supports at least for the chin section.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Geoffro

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3d-modell büste paris 3d-model bust

Source: Thingiverse, MattMSI

How about a replica of the marble bust of Paris built by the Italian sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822)? For art lovers a true joy of printing!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: MattMSI

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Carrie Fisher Memorial

3d-modell carrie fisher 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, Geoffro

For the home shrine of all Star Wars fans: a commemorative bust of Carrie Fisher. One should plan a height of approx. 14 cm, so that the weapon can be printed completely. For the hair you should use support.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Geoffro

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3d-modell buddha 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, 3DWP

Oommmmm! Why not print out a Buddha bust for the next yoga session?

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: 3DWP

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Charles Darwin

3d-modell charles darwin 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, MAAS_Collection

The original white ceramic bust of Charles Darwin was made around 1900 and can now decorate your living room more than a hundred years later!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: MAAS_Collection

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3d-modell murmeltier 3d-model sloth

Source: Thingiverse, AwesomeA

This sloth of which there is also an “Astro Sloth” model, was printed with Ice PLA.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: AwesomeA

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3d-modell frosch 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, jeplans

This funny frog bust was printed in two parts with a FlashForge Creator Pro.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: jeplans

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Guiseppe Garibaldi

3d-modell guiseppe garibaldi 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, Volf

At least all Italian makers should know him, the famous military commander Guiseppe Garibaldi from the 19th century. Now all his fans can 3D print its bust and put it at the home window ledge.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Volf

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Emperor Antoninus Pius

3d-modell antonius pius 3d-model

Source: Thingiverse, TheNewHobbyist

Anyone wishing to return to the old Roman Empire can print out an imperial bust of Antoninus Pius, the original of which was made around 140 BC. This one was created in a MakerBot Replicator 2.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheNewHobbyist

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Van Helsing Vampire

3d-modell van helsing 3d model

Source: Thingiverse, SyFy

For all the vampire hunters and fans of the television series “Van Helsing”.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: SyFy

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Proud Deer

3d-modell hirsch 3d model deer

Source: Thingiverse, Takeshi

If you don’t have a mantel, you can of course decorate your walls with great 3D printed objects. How about this imposing place deer?

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Takeshi

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Individual Bust

3d-modell individuelle büste 3d-model individual bust

Source: Thingiverse, WeeksB

Or wouldn’t a bust of a family member, an acquaintance or even of yourself do well? Maker “WeeksB” demonstrates it and immortalized herself with this chic bust. So, let’s get to the scanner!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: WeeksB

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Source: Thingiverse, BrittLiv

Why not turn a fancy bust into something useful like a knife block? This deadpool bust has already impressed some makers and inspired them to make and remix. – Your guests will certainly be amazed, too!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: BrittLiv

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