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10 Useful Accessories for Your MacBook from the 3D Printer

If you’re a MacBook owner looking to add a few accessories, or if you’ve even broken a piece, this selection is sure to inspire you for your next 3D print!

All-In-One Adapter

3d-modell macbook zubehör 3d model item

Source: Thingiverse, Yu9song

Here a 3D model for a tailor-made all-in-one connection adapter for power, display and keyboard in one.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: Yu9song

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Source: Thingiverse, andhag

Why buy a stand in a shop when you can print your own? This one was made within 8 hours with a Replicator 2.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: andhag

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Source: Thingiverse, cheewee2000

If you wish to stay the whole day in bed and watch one movie after another then maybe you equip your Macbook with those fancy legs to make sure your notebook won´t overheat.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: cheewee2000

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In Desk-Stand


Source: Thingiverse, pwkalahar

With this gadget you save up a lot of space plus it looks great. The slit is about 10 cm deep and you can make it with almost every 3D printer. This one here was made with ABS in a MakerBot Replicator 2.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: pwkalahar

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Power Adapter Stand


Source: Thingiverse, boredzo

With this easily printable stand you can keep your power supply away from the floor and ensure ventilation from all sides.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: boredzo

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iPhone Mount


Source: Thingiverse, TheKre8Group

This mount for an iPhone 6 is perfect if you need dual screening!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheKre8Group

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Charging Cable Fixation


Source: Thingiverse, beemo

Some people are happy to have such a safe Mac charging cable that immediately jumps out of the input when you stumble over it, others would be happier if the cable wasn’t so easy to pull out. For those is this 3D printed fixation for the charging cable.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: beemo

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Source: Thingiverse, TheKre8Group

You´ve got a broken key? No problem, just print a new one!

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: TheKre8Group

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Charger Cable Hook


Source: Thingiverse, tsangiotis

If you wish to have a tidy and neat study, you should use as well those hooks for your charger. And if they break, then just print this spare-part for it.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: tsangiotis

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Source: Thingiverse, adrienLapasset

If your MacBook feet have been lost and the back is gradually scratched or just too slippery, you can print these feet. They are printed quickly and they don´t need any glue.

Found on Thingiverse, Maker: adrienLapasset

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