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A Promising 3D Scanner: Calibry

The Calibry 3D scanner is a Thor3D project for which a camera was specially developed. In addition, the device is generally equipped with many other interesting features:


The portable and 700 gram lightweight 3D scanner has an built-in touch screen and its software is included in the package. The device achieves as many as 3 million points per second and objects such as a car door or even an entire car are no obstacle. Furthermore, the scanner captures more difficult object details such as sharp edges, black or shiny surfaces as well as fur structures or hair. The 3 tracking modes and the optional calibration mode simplify the scan process.

Further Specifications

Accuracy: up to 0.1 mm

Point resolution: up to 0.3 mm

Depth of view: 45-100 cm

Field of view: 850 x 1100 mm

Texture resolution: 2.3 MP

Light source:White LED

Frame rate: 25-30 fps

The Calibry can currently be pre-ordered for 4990 Euros. The delivery will take place in June 2019. In case of dissatisfaction a 2 weeks “no questions asked” return policy will be applied. In addition, the device comes with a warranty of up to 3 years and unlimited technical support.

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