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Ultimate maker

3d-drucker monoprice maker ultimate

The Maker Ultimate with metal frame from Monoprice produces objects of very high quality and is ideal for offices due to its low-noise printing. The feeder that feeds the filament to the extruder is equipped with an anti-jam function that ensures a continuous material flow so that none of the desired objects can be ruined by a feed stop during printing. The Maker Ultimate’s open design ensures an air flow that cools all parts of the print object at the same time to achieve consistent results.

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Model: Ultimate maker
Manufacturer: Monoprice
Technology: FFF
Price: approx. 600$
Release: 03/2017
DIY Kit: No

Size: 36 x 44 x 48 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Printing Volume: 20 x 20 x 17,5 cm
Building platform: heated
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: ABS, PLA, XT Copolyester, PET, TPU, TPC, FPE, PVA, HIPS, Jelly, Foam, Felty

Software: Cura
Filetypes: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF
Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

Special features: high precision, quiet, ideal for the office

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