3D-printer data sheet

Stratasys J735

3d-drucker stratasys J735

Based on PolyJet technology, the Stratasys J735 offers a new color concept with vibrant colors and over 500.000 color combinations, extremely precise color matching and enhanced transparent texture functionality. The prototypes achieve the appearance, feel and functionality of end products. Expensive painting, assembly or finishing is no longer necessary.

Model: Stratasys J735
Manufacturer: Stratasys
Technology: HSS
Release: 04/2018
DIY Kit: No

Size: 140 x 126 x 110 cm
Weight: 430 kg
Printing Volume: 35 x 35 x 20 cm
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: Vero-family, Tango-family, VeroClear, RGD720, Digital-ABS, Digital-ABS2, rubber-like materials, transparent colors, SUP705, SUP 706

Software: GrabCad
Operating systems: Windows

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