3D-printer data sheet

Renkforce RF2000 v2 kit

3d-drucker renkforce rf2000 bausatz v2

Whether rapid prototyping or model making, the successor of the RF2000 kit also produces highly complex 3D models, for example from PLA, ABS, PVA or HIPS, in two colors or with water-soluble support structures, simply and quickly.

Model: Renkforce RF2000 v2 kit
Manufacturer: Renkforce
Technology: FFF
Price: approx. 1.999$
Release: 05/2018
DIY Kit: Yes

Size: 37,5 x 66,5 x 41 cm
Weight: 19.5 kg
Printing Volume: 18 x 20 x 23 cm
Building platform: heated
Dual extruder: Yes

Software: Repetier-Host, Cura, Astroprint

Special features: Also pre-assambled available. Glass ceramic heating plate for improved adhesion, emergency stop switch and controllable socket for the use of a milling machine

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