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Renkforce RF1000

3d-drucker renkforce rf1000

The RF1000 from Renkforce can be controlled via tablet, mobile phone or PC from home or on the road. The optionally available polycarbonate housing not only provides an improved working climate but also a more constant printing chamber temperature, which enables the use of further filament types and better printing results.

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Model: Renkforce RF1000
Manufacturer: Renkforce
Technology: FFF
Price: approx. 1.499$
Release: 02/2015
DIY Kit: No

Size: 37,5 x 50 x 41 cm
Weight: 16.5 kg
Printing Volume: 24,5 x 20 x 23 cm
Building platform: heated
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: PLA, ABS, Polyamide, Laywood, Bendlay, HIPS, NinjaFlex, smartABS, PVA, Laybrick, Nylon, PP, PS

Software: Repetier-Host, Cura, Astroprint, DesignCAD 3D PRINT V24 renkforce edition

Special features: Also as kit available. Optional accessories: separately available renkforce RF1000 polycarbonate housing, renkforce 3D print box for cloud connection with integrated slicing function, engraving/milling sets to accommodate well-known Proxxon® MICROMOT 50/E and Dremel (3000, 4000 and 4200) drill grinders (mini milling machines)

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Customer Rating:

Renkforce RF1000 3d-Drucker
  • Made in Germany - entwickelt durch das Conrad Technology Centrum
  • Großer Druckraum (T x B x H) 230 mm x 245 mm x 200 mm
  • Spielfreie Profilschienenführungen & Kugelgewindetriebe für höchste Präzision

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