3D-printer data sheet

Kentstrapper Mavis

3d-drucker kentstrapper mavis

The FFF 3D printer Mavis from the Italian manufacturer Kentstrapper is equipped with a key switch on the front side, which allows the printer to be switched on only by authorized personnel. On the right side of the device is a practical housing compartment, in which the stylus is accommodated and on the underside four wheels with brakes were attached, which ensure both stability and mobility.

Model: Kentstrapper Mavis
Manufacturer: Kentstrapper
Technology: FFF
Price: approx. 5.300$
Release: 12/2017
DIY Kit: No

Size: 72 x 75 x 120 cm
Printing Volume: 40 x 40 x 70 cm
Building platform: heated
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: PLA, ABS, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, XT, PLA Flex

Filetypes: STL, OBJ, AMF
Operating systems: Windows, Mac

Special features: große Prototypen, optionaler Dual-Extruder, 5-Zoll-Touchscreen, optionale Webcam, automatische Kalibrierung, Schlüsselschalter, Nottaste, Filament Guardian

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