3D-printer data sheet

CoLiDo 2.0+

3d-drucker colido 2.0 plus

The CoLiDo 2.0+ is an FDM 3D printer that is ideal for home or office use. The device is easy to operate and works cleanly, odourlessly and quietly.

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Model: CoLiDo 2.0+
Manufacturer: Colido
Technology: FFF
Price: approx. 965$
Release: 08/2016
DIY Kit: No

Size: 46,7 x 32 x 38 cm
Weight: 11 kg
Printing Volume: 22,5 x 14,5 x 14 cm
Building platform: heated
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: ABS, PLA

Software: Repetier
Filetypes: STL, G-Code
Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

Special features: Objekte können ohne Tools von der Druckplatte entfernt werden, transparentes Gehäuse

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Colido COL3D-LMD116X 3D-Drucker, 22,5 cm x 14,5 cm x 14 cm, Befestigung ohne Lack
  • Schicht-Auflösung: 0,1 – 0,4 mm.
  • Genaue Position: XY 0,011; Z 0,0025 mm.
  • Düsen-Durchmesser: 0,4 mm.

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