3D-printer data sheet

Ceramo One

3d-drucker kwambio ceramo one

Kwambio started as a 3D printing service provider based in New York (USA) and Odessa (Ukraine) to print 3D orders from its customers in ceramics and metal. Meanwhile, the startup also has a self-developed ceramic 3D printer, the Ceramo One, in the program, which can produce industrial-suited objects with the help of the Binder Jetting technology.

The device prints objects with a resolution of 300 dpi, a cup is finished with a speed of 160 mm/second in approx. 3 hours. According to the manufacturer, the Ceramo One will reduce production costs to 80 percent compared to conventional 3D printers of this class.

Model: Ceramo One
Manufacturer: Kwambio
Technology: HSS
Price: approx. 22.000$
Release: 01/2018
DIY Kit: No

Size: 124,5 x 75 x 133 m cm
Weight: 150 kg
Printing Volume: 40 x 25 x 40 cm
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: keramisches Pulvermaterial

Filetypes: STL
Operating systems: Windows

Special features: Keramik-3D-Drucker, 100 verschiedene Materialfarben zur Auswahl

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