3D-printer data sheet

1800 Flagship

3d-drucker massivit 3d 1800 flagship

The large-capacity 3D printer 1800 Flagship from Massivit uses GDP technology to produce objects up to a size of 1.45 x 1.11 x 1.80 m. The manufacturer recommends the machine above all to companies that want to attract attention with large-format advertising material.

Model: 1800 Flagship
Manufacturer: Massivit 3D
Technology: SLA
Release: 11/2017
DIY Kit: No

Printing Volume: 1,45 x 1,11 x 1,80 cm
Dual extruder: No
Filaments: Proprietary Dimengel 100

Software: Massivit Smart

Special features: auf Dual-Extruder oder Multi-Extruder aufrüstbar

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